(Don’t) Have a Filter

It was a cold Sunday evening and our entire town lost power. Normally around this time, I would be eating a microwavable meal huddled around my laptop like a teenager. But it was cold and I was hungry after a hard day swiping my card at Nordstrom Rack.

My mom cooked dinner, my sister set the table, my dad opened a bottle of wine, my brother was swiping on Tinder and I joined my family after 7 long months of eating ready-made meals. We even had dinner near the fireplace to keep warm. 

The candles set the mood for a cozy night despite the circumstances and the meal was delicious. As we bit into our chicken the fire suddenly sparked which distracted us from chewing. My dad reminded us not to be alarmed because he gathered enough supplies, “but it was difficult finding thick wood that wasn’t already wet.”

Okay, I didn’t leave my dirty sense of humor in my room. I contemplated whether or not to bring attention to what my dad stated, but my mom beat me and shouted: “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.”

We all laughed and the power finally came on shortly after. 

I’m sure in 10 or 15 years I won’t remember what I purchased at the store or what we ate that day, but I will remember that moment that filled us with laughter. 

Laugh with your friends and other loved ones when possible. Life is too short to have a filter. 


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