Why Interviewing Can Be Motivating

Like most people with a public LinkedIn profile, I occasionally receive a friendly message about a career opportunity. Normally the message starts with something like “I looked at your background and I think you would be a great fit for this role.”

It doesn’t matter if I am looking for a position or not, I always try to respond.

This past week, I responded to a message. I declined to move forward with an interview, but appreciated they their message because they noticed my industry background and skill set was a perfect match for the role described.

Unless I am interviewing, I do not normally think about my previous projects, accomplishments or how I plan to grow professionally and personally. That day, I did.

It made realize why I found enjoyment during the interview process, rather than being intimated by it.

Interviewing can be motivating.

As interviewees, we spend about 1-3 hours talking about why we are the perfect fit, our achievements and how we plan to grow professionally and personally.

Side note: of course we will be asked tougher questions that relate to a role, but if you are prepared and the position is a good fit, those questions should not be too daunting.

You may or may not be actively interviewing, but don’t forget about how far you have come and ask yourself where you see your career going. Don’t wait for someone across a conference room table with a copy of your resume to ask you.

Perhaps you will realize it is time to move on from your current job, ask for a challenging assignment or you might walk into your office the following day knowing you are right where you should be.

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