How We Recharge

There is a John Mulaney skit which he describes the feeling of canceling plans as an adult.

“In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.”

John Mulaney

I didn’t get it.

Last Friday, while making plans for the weekend, I wanted to make sure I was busy for the next 48 hours. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their free time with friends and (only the fun) family members? So that is what I did and I was officially booked.

  • Thai and Hookah on Friday.
  • Boating on a lake on Saturday.
  • Rutgers Gardens followed by Chipotle on Sunday.

Time passed and it was Sunday evening, my busy weekend was over. I was fully recharged and ready to go back to the office on Monday, where I tend to work alone. As an extroverted person who shares an office with me, myself and I, my weekends need to be filled with social interaction.

We Recharge Differently

What seems like a great weekend for me may be an exhausting weekend for one of America’s favorite comedians.

When you are considering your weekend plans it is okay to turn something down or schedule something unusual, but best for you. The weekends are a time to recharge your mind and body.

PS: What I completely forgot to do was be there for my pantry. I need to find out if any of my extroverted friends would like to start running errands with me.

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