It’s Time to Declutter Our Mind

About every 3 months I go through my belongings and throw away things I don’t need. This is not a scheduled routine. There is no alarm set on my phone. There is nothing marked on my planner. It happens when items surrounding me start to accumulate and the clutter is disrupting.

Perhaps those pesky hangers get caught on each other and I consider putting clothes into my storage bins or I am trying to eat my lunch but there is paperwork sitting on my desk that prevents me from getting comfortable. 

Once I get organized, I am able to give my work my undivided attention. 

My space is clean, that is all I need to worry about, right? 

The Question I Didn’t Want to Hear 
While chatting with my friend about work, summer plans and relationships she brought up the question: Do you ever think you are unable to let your guard down because you have so much going on?

Have you ever had those moments when your friends call you out on something you thought you were hiding deep down inside but instead it is apparently tattooed on your forehead?

Thanks, pal. You called me out. 

One thing I like to do is keep busy. If there is a club, I want to join it. If there is an event, I will buy a ticket. If there is a party, I am breaking out a dress. 

Staying busy is not a bad thing. But what happens when our mind is cluttered? Well, it is time to toss out the things taking up too much space, mentally. 

How can we declutter our mind?

Our Relationships
If there are people in your life who you do not connect well with, stop making so much time for them. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste theirs. Better relationships will come along. This applies to friendships and dating. 

Our Club or Organization Responsibilities
I have been on the board for a few clubs and organizations. It was fun while it lasted and I was able to grow my network. However, when my priorities changed, it was time for me to pass along the torch. I briefly felt like a failure, but it was a better decision in the end.

Our Commute
If you are driving, adjust your schedule so your commute is shorter and you can unwind. If you take public transportation, use the opportunity to disconnect. You don’t have to listen to the latest and greatest podcast every morning.

Our Errands
I hate running errands. So, I tell my friends I can see them and then tell myself I will handle my errands another day. Instead of procrastinating, agree to meet up with friends later and handle your errands beforehand. I hate writing this section knowing I can do better.

Our Digital Digital Devices
What about apps that we get notifications from?

I have 4 screens full of apps…on my personal phone. This doesn’t include my work phone. I’m going to give you the inside scoop, apps request that you enable push notifications so you have to open the app, use it and then you can turn off that little notification icon above it.

Try removing notifications from apps that don’t take priority (baby steps). Or scroll through the screens on your smartphone and remove the apps you don’t actually use. 

Our Work
If you are already packed with projects, don’t happily agree to more because you are afraid your boss will judge you for being honest. Inform your supervisor about your workload. You might be able to come up with a game plan about how to conquer the projects efficiently, such as outsourcing or growing your team. 

Do not do your company a disservice by completing projects quickly because you don’t have the time do it right.

Thanks to the writer of Sprinkles and Stuff for the question and inspiration behind this weeks blog post! 

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