Cooking For One

I am a full-time marketer, hobbyist, friend to some, family to many and blogger. There is one thing I don’t claim to be…a cook.

Dinning outcast

I come from a large-food-loving-Italian family. Some of my earliest memories as a child include stopping by an extended family member’s deli or going to one of my uncle’s restaurants for special occasions. Unfortunately, like my pale complexion next to everyone with olive skin in family photos, I didn’t fit in. Why? Because I had zero interest in eating dinner.

Spaghetti? Nope.
Chicken? I’m good, thanks.
How about a seafood dish? Umm…no.

Food was placed in front of me, that’s it. There was no explanation of what it was or how it was prepared. Because most of my family members spoke Italian to exchange gossip and jokes, I remained quiet.

How could I appreciate something I didn’t understand, especially as a child?

My current relationship with my job

Let’s fast forward about 20 years.

When it comes to my job, I often have to meet with product managers or engineers to understand how a product works, who it was designed for and how it will improve their life or business. This information will help me as I brainstorm our next marketing campaign.

I’m inspired to create a marketing campaign, but still not inspired to cook.

My current relationship with food

I have been content with a PB&J sandwich or protein bar as a meal for so long. Nothing fancy, just fuel, I mean food. But protein bars can be packed with sugar and I no longer want to eat something so dull.

Normally I apply life lessons to my job, but for this post I am applying what I have learned at work to improve my relationship with food.

If meeting with my team will inspire my next project, I need to figure out a way to be inspired when it comes to cooking.

Right now, what is driving me is finding recipes I can make in under 20 minutes that are also health conscious. Here are some of my favorite time-friendly and healthy meals so far:

Veggies and Tofu
Microwaveable riced cauliflower or spiral butternut squash…the microwave is my best friend.
Cut up pre-cooked tofu
Onions and/or Garlic
Olive oil dressing

Spicy Turkey Sandwich
Toasted gluten-free bread
Turkey (or obviously any other deli meat)
Pre-chopped onions I can store in the fridge at work
Dairy-free provolone cheese
Cayenne Pepper seasoning (to be honest I will put this on anything other than dessert)

The Millennial Avocado Toast
Ready made guacamole
Spinach and pre-chopped onions
Dash of oil and vinegar
Salt, oregano and Cajun dressing.

I also reviewed two gluten free healthy options to cook in under 30 minutes. Check out the video below!

Gluten and dairy free mac & cheese and carrot puffs!

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