Financial Fears

I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed someone I follow post a picture of them self standing in front of a brand new blue mustang with black rims to match their tires. The car is nice.

Someone (pronoun): A person I am connected with on a social media platform but whom I never actually met in person. Synonyms: (Tinder) match

Good for them, they deserve a like.

I am not a car person. I couldn’t even tell you what exact model they purchased. I liked the image because I could see they were doing well and I’m sure their new vehicle is well deserved. Their Instagram stories typically feature them working.

My Financial Commitment

I recall upgrading from my 2004 Black Toyota Corolla to my 2018 Black Toyota Corolla. I knew my original car was reliable and hardly ever had problems, but it was reaching the end. I no longer wanted a car that squeaked when breaking and I did desire something new. I tried to remain calm through the entire process, I was nervous to receive bad news.  

Could I be denied even with a good credit score?

I was approved with no cosigner for the first time in my life. The dealership said I should be proud, but I simply nodded. I filled out the paperwork and made arrangements for my old car to be picked up. Before sitting in my new car an employee asked if I wanted to take a picture with my new purchase. I still remained unenthusiastic. 

It’s just a Toyota Corolla, nobody needs to know. So, I politely smiled and declined.

I connected my iPhone to listen to music and drove away; my old car didn’t have Bluetooth and I was pleased to have this new feature. The car was smooth, clean and my smile began to grow. I was happy and motivated that week, but still too shy to boast about it in a normal way. 

Getting something so simple like a Toyota Corolla was harder for me than the average person. I felt the weight of student loans I still pay and over a year ago I received news that my position was to be eliminated as my previous employer was going through another round of layoffs.

I’d like to say a lot has changed in the last year and I’ve learned to celebrate my accomplishments, but I am still hesitant to boast about big events in my personal life because I know how easily it could be taken away.

I’m not alone

After talking to friends about their bigger financial commitments, such as a wedding, buying a home or starting a family I realized I’m not the only one who worries about their finances; it is (unfortunately) common for our generation. But, they are able to hide that fear in Instagram posts (#LivingOurBestLife) and Facebook updates. They are able to celebrate their life and accomplishments in the moment.

Most of us require a stable full-time job to establish financial independence, and it could very well be taken away tomorrow but that does not mean I have to be killjoy.

I’ll be snapping a photo and sharing more moments as I live my best life too. If I fall again, I will simply have to pick myself back up, again.

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