Waving the White Flag

My work life sounds great to a lot of people. I have my own office. I work remote from a different office location which means my team never sees me arriving late because that WaWa coffee was necessary. I have all day with no distractions except for the occasional conference call so I can get my work done. 

But I am bored as f*ck. 

When I think back to my old positions, school or club roles I was the person who wanted to do it all and continue learning. Now I’m tired and distracted. 

Did I lose my spark? Should I consider a career change? Am I depressed? Is there something physically wrong with me? 

These thoughts have been haunting me for a while now. 

Out of extreme boredom one day I decided to retake the 16 personalities test. I got the same results as I did a year prior, ENTP, also known as “the debater.”


What if nothing is wrong with me? What if I simply feeling this way because my life has changed significantly in the last year and it does not fit my personality?

According to my findings that is the case.

I did some digging and read “What Leads You to Burnout, According to Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type” 
Article: You know you’re burnt out when you start feeling physical ramifications of exhaustion. You’re spending more time with friends or going on dates in an attempt to avoid your problems.  
Me: Okay, okay maybe that’s true. 
Article: To re-energize yourself start setting goals again. You tend to forget and can run around aimlessly. 
Me: Please stop calling me out and I promise to set goals. 

The Solution

So on Satuday I sat down for 4-5 hours to set my career goals and started working towards them. When Sunday came, I felt ten times better. On Monday, I woke up earlier for the first time in a while. Perhaps this is working, I am hoping to report some major life changes over the next few month (fingers crossed).

Our job takes up about 40-60 hours per week, if your personality does not fit your current work environment or position it is okay to speak up your employer or make changes for your mental health. I don’t think we can simply change our personality to “fit in” and be happy.

Check out 16personalities.com to find out what your personality type is. Once you get your results be sure to check out what careers they recommend for you!

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