A Selfish Woman

Be there for your family.
Be there for your friends. 
Be there for your employer. 
Be there for yourself. 

I am going to let you in on an ugly little secret. I have been called selfish and I don’t think those people were wrong when describing me.

But I do think it is wrong to use it as an insult.

Not completely selfish and not completely selfless

While I believe it is important to be there for others it also important to be there for yourself. Finding the balance isn’t easy, and I am still working on it.

There for my family and friends
The reason we go to work and earn money is to enjoy a long and happy life surrounded by those that we love. To keep those people in your life, sometimes there is a sacrafice involved. Even if it means giving up a Friday night to listen to someone cry or help them move. It sucks in that moment, but being alone would probably suck even more.

There for my employer
There are work emergencies. A social media post can be published with a spelling error. There can be a wrong shipment in the warehouse…and so on. I have selflessly handled work emergencies while on vacation and over the weekend. To me this is sometimes okay. I might have a moment to spare and in the long run it could help lead generation. And if we are generating a steady amount or increasing number of leads, it means people are not getting laid off.

Tip to a manager reading this: if you want your team to be there for the company, be there for them. Let them leave for emergencies as well.

There for myself
I type this blog post with a fresh manicure, sitting in a brand new plaid skirt and I let my hair down because I spent the extra time to wash and curl it this morning. I want to feel good today because I will be enjoying Halloween festivities later this evening. Right now I am feeling good and I acted selfish to feel this good.

Clothes, make up, hair and having fun with my friends are my weakness, which is probably the reason for people assuming I am all selfish all the time. But, it is important to know when to turn it off for others and budget for future expenses.

My plaid skirt from Amazon was about $15. My boots were snagged at T.J.Maxx for 25% less than the online retail price. And my dinner will probably be $20, but it is important to me to socialize.

Tomorrow night however, I will be acting selfless. You can find me helping family members in walmart sweatpants with a protein bar for dinner.

So call me selfish, I might just think I am having a good hair day.

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