What to Buy Your Coworkers for The Holidays

Shopping for coworkers is difficult. We don’t want our gifts to be lame, but it can also be difficult to find the perfect item if you are not besties or bros. Since I started working full-time I have had some trouble hunting down the perfect not-so-awkward-budget-thoughtful gift. So I am sharing some go-to gifts I have purchased and some I have seen recently online.

1. Desk accessories
Luckily, there is not just one and you can mix it up depending on your coworkers personality and your budget. For the girly coworker, try a few plants or rosegold anything. For the coworker with a sense of humor try a funny decor piece, mouse pad, or more options on Amazon.

Funny Novelty Memo Pads Bundle (4 Items)

2. Coffee (or Tea!)
There are a few options, for your coffee fanatic, grab them a unique blend or items to make their work life a little brighter with some coffee supplies. If they are not a coffee fan, try some mixed teas! Check out Coffee Bean Direct or the Tea Spot for the perfect coffee and tea gift.

3. Wine & spirits
I normally get a fancier bottle for people I work with directly and a budget bottle for people I don’t. Nobody feels left out and it is still thoughtful. Make sure they drink and normally red/merlot is a safe bet! A friend recently informed me of Wine Insiders, which I am very impressed with after browsing their site.

4. Alarm clock
Hear me out…. it’s appropriate, surprisingly convenient, it can make a great decor item if you get fancy with it. Just don’t get it for a coworker who may get stuck in rush hour traffic, timing can trigger stress!

GLOUE Alarm Clock

5. A filled mug
Pick out a cute mug and fill it with some goodies. It can contain a gift card, sweets or another small gifted item to spice up the “boring” mug.

6. Portable charger
You would be surprised how convenient this is for people who work far fom home. Ever go out for a happy hour and have to check in with your significant other but your phone is dead? Perhaps you don’t even have your families numbers memorized? Just saying, mine has saved me when I was stuck at the train station!

POWERADD EnergyCell 10000 Compact Portable Charger

7. The Gorilla Pod
The gorilla pod is a surprisingly awesome gift for anyone, not just vloggers. It works for people who enjoy taking a selfie, watching videos on their phone and for video chats. I bought one for myself and I love it!

JOBY – GripTight Action Kit Tripod

8. Bluetooth Speakers
I have purchased the OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) Bluetooth Portable Speakers a total of four times. Why? Because the sound quality is amazing, they connect quickly to my phone and they are budget friendly. I don’t know a single person who I bought these for that didn’t LOVE these speakers. It’s another item I have bought them as a gift and for myself.

Oontz Angle 3 (3rd Gen)

9. Table topics
Haven’t heard of table topics? Basically every card is a question or topic of conversation. For example one card has asked “What is the best thing about being your age?” Some decks are family friendly and some you might want to save for date night. These are perfect for extroverted people who like to be the party host (or make things awkward).

Tip: Don’t get the date night deck for coworkers unless you are making a move. You might find yourself meeting with HR.

Visit tabletopics.com to see what packs are available!

10. Travel Accessories
If you know your coworker or boss travels a lot – I recommend accessories for those who are on the road or airport frequently. Check out Travel + Leisure’s blog post for the The Best Gift Ideas for Travelers.

The 33 Best Gifts for Travelers

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