Why I Quit

A few months ago I was on my third interview for a marketing position. I met with the CEO of the company and was asked a question that caught me off gaurd.

“This would be your fourth full-time marketing position, how do we know you won’t leave?”

I gave a polite answer and waited until I got to my car to have a personal flashback of my career and every time I reached my boiling opint and felt like quitting.

I wasn’t challenged, paid enough, didn’t have a team to collaborate with…the list was growing.

Every job had it’s pro’s and con’s, but I was still looking for “the one.”

So today I have decided to share reasons why I have quit a job. Check out my latest video and feel free to subscribe!

PS: I am thankful for every single opprtunity I have had. I wouldn’t be the person (or marketer) I am today without those experiences.

“For that reason, I am out.”

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