There is a Ghost in My Room

There was a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach and strong presence even when alone in my room. 


Taking out the trash.

There were a few things I needed: 

  • My noise canceling headphones. 
  • A good playlist.
  • The do-not-disturb setting on my phone set to ON.
  • And a garbage bag – wait, make that three. 

3 garbage bags, through my doorway, down the stairs and to the donation bin or trash they went. 

I then picked up at my phone and camera. I tapped delete on photos, videos, and some contacts. 

I ended up cleaning out my room. There are definitely no skeletons in that closet.
Cleansing my phone. I do not need to contact a guy I never met from Tinder.
Organizing files on my laptop. That fancy hard drive is actually super handy. 
Sorting my paperwork. Now I won’t feel anxious when searching for that bill coming due.
Tossing away most of my makeup. Sephora should just take my points back.  

And, if you are wondering what the hardest thing to do was…it was definitely the makeup. But I did cut back on getting ready in the morning by 15 minutes. Which brought me to step 2. 


Just breathe.

Over the next 2-3 weeks I started to eat healthier, cut back on drinking and revisited the gym. My stomach thanked me and I felt good wearing tight clothes again.

I may or may not have just thrown away 2 full bags of clothes just to end up buying new jeans to show off my slimmer figure. But that’s not a setback, right? 

When I felt anxious, I took a walk or allowed myself to meditate while taking deep breaths. The Fitbit my parents bought me for Christmas was honestly a blessing and a motivator. Who knew we needed oxygen and physical activity?

The hardest part of step 2 however, was admitting I needed to be home in sweatpants and take time away from friends and outings. I apologize to my dear friends for not drinking with you this past New Years Eve.

But let’s move on to the last step. 


Now it is okay to try new hair styles.

After successfully falling asleep without tossing and turning. Without feeling anxious for an extended period of time. And realizing I want to slip on those new jeans, I can finally say I am on step 3.

It’s time to go out. Try new things. Test out new styles. Celebrate with friends. 

Please note: Do not consider cutting your hair before completing steps 1 AND 2. But now at step 3, I may have gotten side bangs.

The Ghost is Gone 

I realize there are really 3 simple steps to moving on from anything:

  1. Throw away the things haunting you. 
  2. Take a step back, focus on your health. 
  3. Step back in, live your life. 
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