The question you need to ask yourself

I am starting to write this blog post at 12:53 AM on a Monday. I am exhausted, but not ready to close my laptop. I may read some spelling mistakes tomorrow and regret this decision, but for the first time in awhile I have the desire to keep going. Over the last few weeks, I have started working late, made it to 4 weekend workouts, went out 3 times with friends (socially distanced), pulled 2 all-nighters, and took one sick day to let my body rest.

This year has not been easy and I am 1000000% positive, I am not alone. So many of us struggling with mental health.

I realized I was struggling when I felt rage in the pit of my stomach, but I didn’t have the energy to fight for anything I wanted and struggled to complete basic tasks. I didn’t have anything positive to say about my work, my personal life, and anything mentioned in the news. So, I looked at my bank account and thought about quitting.

Since the age of 18, all I wanted to do was marketing. It was something I picked up quickly and was pretty good at. My field of work is where I found my confidence. Finding a career in marketing was a goal I set a decade ago. And I, never let location, late nights, people, or new challenges get in the way of it. Until recently, when I wanted to quit. The idea of quitting brought a sense of calmness.

After years of work, was one bad quarter during a pandemic going to break me? After a decade?

The big question

If younger me saw me the night I thought about quitting I’m pretty sure she would be disappointed in me…or slap me across the face.

Instead of quitting, I had to take some alone time and self-reflect. I thought about how far I have come in my career and how many of us choose a career because we have a spark for that job function, and we want to continue to grow professionally.

I love what I do, how could I let the spark die?

Here is the blunt honest truth. Before quitting or doubting your own abilities, ask yourself this question what drives you?

It is not a simple one word answer. This one question led me to more questions.

Do I want to be customer facing or create behind the scenes?
Do I want to work alone or with a team?
Do I want to work in a different industry?
Will changing my my workout routine help?
What part of my job do I like and what part of my job do I not like?
Is what is important to my boss, important to me?
Do I want to work more or do I need to find a hobby outside of work?
Are my career goals in-line with the goals of my position and organization?
Could I make an adjustment at work to make it more exciting for me?
Would changing my work environment help?
Would taking time off help?
Was I not feeling motivated because I was not be challenged?

Yes, I hated working alone but the problem was not me missing morning chats around the coffee machine catching about the weekend. It was talking about new trends or tools we can use in our field. How can I grow professionally and be challenged this week?

Once I answered that question, it was up to me to start studying again after work and remind myself why I pursued this career. When I separated my current job from studying and refreshing old skills, I found my spark again.

Other ways to improve your mental health

  • Outdoor activities and workouts.
  • Taking PTO time or sick time when feeling stressed or unwell.
  • Maintain regular communication with your supervisor and team.
  • Get creative and try new projects or hobbies with additional time spent at home.
  • It’s okay to wear sweatpants, but every so often dress casually for the day.
  • Maintain a regular morning/night routine.
  • See your doctor if you are feeling unwell (physically or mentally).
  • It is okay to talk to someone or start counseling if you feel you are not on track.
  • Remind yourself why you picked your field. Perhaps you need to find your spark again too.

If you are considered about your mental health, you may refer to resources below for additional information.

Want to send me your thoughts about Mental Health during the pandemic or how you continue to grow in your field? Click here to send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

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