Bet on yourself

There are a million posts, quotes, videos and so on about failure with the same message; you will fail many times but you have to keep trying if you want to win.


This week I screwed up. It was a spelling mistake that someone caught for me.

I saw it right as I climbed into bed to get some rest. For a split second, I freaked out about how stupid it might make me look as a Marketing Professional who should have perfect copy for every social media post, email, and landing page.

This week I felt like I was winning, I worked 10-12 hour days between my full-time job, freelance projects, working on my freelance business operations, and still trying to get my podcast launched.

I got over my minor mistake in about 5 minutes. Here is why: I realized I was still winning that week, the amount of work I accomplished with zero errors heavily outweighed my minor mistake.

Winning percentage

If you wanted to bet on a sports team tomorrow, one factor you would consider is a team’s win-to-loss ratio. The team you bet on will likely have a greater number of wins compared to losses and ties. They can still be the greatest team that season and get to the championship even if they experienced a loss or a tie. And, you will likely analyze the players and the coach. This team might have a player who was once a rookie but has proven themselves to be a great asset. They can have a coach who knows how to bring together a team and lead them.

Overall you are going to bet on a team that wins often, has a great team/leader, and they continue to work hard even after a loss.

Bet on yourself

Even after my minor error, I would bet on myself to win. And by a win, I mean to complete a marketing campaign that generates leads/traffic.

Would I always bet on myself to win? Eh, maybe not at the beginning of my career. I’ve been knocked down a few times before because of my lack of experience. Did I keep trying? Absolutely. I learned from my failures, ran successful campaigns or projects, and eventually I was no longer considered a rookie.

Keep trying even when you have more losses than failures. And when you have more wins than losses, remember you are human. One loss is not the end of your career. Take a look back at how far you have come. Don’t lose sleep over it, because some people would bet on you and hire you.

Bet on yourself even when there is risk

Throughout your career, there will likely be changes in your field (customers, tools, trends, etc.). You will have to take the risk of trying new things to keep up. Still, bet on yourself. Because when you take the risk of trying something new, you are combining it with experience. It will separate you from the rookies and professionals as an industry leader.

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