Be back soon.

I feel like I should (or want to) explain why I have been quiet and private on this platform.

After noticing suspicious activity online, I decided to check my accounts, and saw an unknown active device connected to my social media accounts in an area I was not near. When I logged out of that device – it did not log me out of my devices. Only days before noticing this suspicious activity, my personal Instagram account authorized Tinder (an app I am not on) to connect to the account. Afterward, I saw “friends” of mine with new social media accounts with zero followers popping up on people you may know.

But I had picked myself up before and thought – okay, I will pick myself up again. Perhaps after a couple of PTO days. I changed my accounts and even my cell phone number.

The day after trying to come back online – someone tried to break into our house.

My nerves are completely shot, and I’ve lost a lot of weight after a couple of weird months for so many reasons.

I created @FullTimeChime to pass along my life lessons and to share yours. I never expected myself to be scared of social media as a marketing professional. And I already enjoy learning about cybersecurity because it is the industry I work in.

I need to thank law enforcement for coming by quickly, my professional network for recommending advanced cybersecurity tools I now use, and social media app developers for providing advanced security settings and the ability to save account activity.

I thought I did my best to stay safe before. As a frequent solo traveler, I carry pepper spray and tell people where I am. I use unique passwords and do not type my login credentials in a cloud document. I’ve never lost my phone in my entire life. But, there is always room for improvement for our safety.

-Check your activity online, even if you think you have alerts set up.
-Make sure your phone password isn’t something people can guess easily.
-Some tools to start: LastPass and DUO
-Pepper spray and security cameras are worth it. I also just got a clip-on alarm.
-Share your location with people you can trust when going somewhere new or somewhat far.

I will add to this list as things come to mind.

I will be back soon.


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