Starting a Small Business with Samantha Full-Time Chime

Starting a small business is not easy and Samantha was aware of the challenges she will face. This week Samantha shares how she founded Indigo Collective Salaon and Spa , protects the environment by modifying operations, and what her plans are for the future of her company. About Full-Time Chime:Full-Time Chime is now a platform for people to talk about their career journey, share some stories, and pass on advice about work or life to others.Learn more: fulltimechime.comInstagram: @FullTimeChime Twitter: @FullTimeChime Jessica (host)Twitter: @jessicas_wordInstagram: @jaw_redFollow Indigo Collective: @indigocollectivenjMessage
  1. Starting a Small Business with Samantha
  2. Coming soon: Full-Time Chime, the Podcast
  3. Master Public Speaking with Brenden
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